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EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

Sophie Walker (unknown) tweeted :

Just popping in to say I won't be getting over Brexit any time soon, but will campaign for a return to the EU as if it were forty years ago and I had a problem with Maastricht. #remainerforever #moreincommon #brexitlies

Sophie Walker (unknown) tweeted :

A government that needs & appreciates migrants is overruled by another. If EU migration to the UK is halved, the Scottish population is forecast to rise just one per cent & GDP fall by 4.5 pct in the next 20-25 yrs.…

Sophie Walker (unknown) tweeted :

Women will be the hardest hit by Brexit - no wonder they want to stay in the EU. See you at conference for the vote, @WEP_UK members… via @MetroUK

SophieWalker (unknown) tweeted :

Great point by #bbcqt audience member: The EU/Brexit debate is so because there is no diversity; "it's all the same people discussing it"