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Former EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner

RT @V_of_Europe: RT @V_of_Europe: Germany confirms stolen Syrian passports as EU govts 'bury heads in sand’ over migrants & terrorism…

RT @WestmonsterUK: RT @WestmonsterUK: JUNCKER: We need EU military, more open borders, more integration. Insane! #SOTEU…

RT @LeaveEUOfficial: RT @LeaveEUOfficial: New report finds EU legally owes Britain Β£9.3bn. You know, legally - unlike their own arbitrary financial demands. ht…

RT @UKIP: RT @UKIP: BREAKING: EU Withdrawal Bill Second Reading AYES: 326 NOES 290 We want our country back

RT @LeaveEUOfficial: WATCH | David Davis: 'EU Commission stalling is tactic to get UK money. Does Labour want to pay €100bn in the next month to make progress?'

RT @Nigel_Farage: RT @Nigel_Farage: The EU are behaving like thugs as usual. They are bad people.…

RT @Ironwand: RT @Ironwand: EU seeks Β£90bn Brexit bill deal before trade talks begin via @MailOnline

RT @WestmonsterUK: RT @WestmonsterUK: '@LiamFox: UK will not be blackmailed by EU. It's time Brussels got serious - or no deal!…

Britain First (unknown) retweeted @69mib :

RT @69mib: The likes of Jean Claude Juncker is the epitome of why so many Britons chose to leave EU; he typifies the arrogance that fuelled Brexit.

RT @MrSonicAdvance: RT @MrSonicAdvance: Britain is home to up to 35,000 Islamic fanatics, says top EU official via @MailOnline