All deleted tweets from politicians

@nigel_callaghan @PlaidBrexit @brexitparty_uk There isn’t a way I to have a by-election. If I could I would.

@hef4caerphilly IOS 13 a it’s a bit weird isn’t it?

Devolution works pretty well thanks. It’s Westminster and Whitehall that isn’t functioning at the moment…

And people will tell you that it is immigration that is causing pronlems for the NHS. It isn’t. It is austerity that is the threat to the NHS.

Good to see @TraceyProudlock on the UK news today. Disability access isn’t just about physical space but attitude @Jules_John #purplethursday @DisabilityWales #Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People

They have simply asked that the final deal is@properly scrutinised and cited in our sovereign parliament. Isn’t that “taking back control”? But it’s what we have come to expect from the fascist supporting Daily Mail!