All deleted tweets from politicians

Imagine a political leader actually talking to people. Madness. It'll never catch on.…

Can you imagine a leaders debate in 1945 'this NHS and social housing sounds a grand idea, but it'll cost a few bob won't it?' #BBCDebate

@DouglasDaniel you're giving it as long as ten years? It'll be on ITV2 by Christmas time. Hosted by Joey Essex

@DadsRockEdin the night remains young, who knows what morning will bring? It'll basically be just that...

@sophiesabbage @ronadougallnews Thanks for an inspiring & v insightful interview. Wondered if it'll be posted on Twitter/Facebook to share?

@indyref1 @LORD_FRASER @neiledwardlovat GERS for year ending 31 March 2015 published next Wed, 9th. It'll be a nightmare for the Nats.