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Exec. Member Voice of Karachi(VoK) and SAMAF. Nothing to do with MQM. RT’s doesn’t mean endorsement. Live & Let Live

If Boris Johnson says @theSNP doesn’t have a mandate for the people Scotland to choose our own future then the Tories don’t have a mandate for Brexit or anything else. Simple as that 👇

@knightmaker1979 @neilgraysnp ◽◽ see crime doesn’t pay

RT @GraceBrodie: @AidanKerrTweets @NicolaSturgeon So you manage to get the FM to answer a Qs about a pop star that doesn’t like her BUT can’t get Mundell or Ruth to answer on Brexit impact - see the problem here?

RT @DrRJSimpson: Yes but it doesn’t take cash doesn’t take some credit cards and sometimes is out of action and sometimes you cancel trains at the last minute after I have bought a ticket forcing me to drive so clamp away and you may see protests which I’m happy to organise…

RT @fletchersimon: Jeremy Hunt talking about challenging winters as if he doesn’t know in advance that winter is part of the calendar. Truth is that it’s not just a winter crisis, the NHS faces an ongoing crisis under the Tories. #NHS #newsnight

What a farce. Let the people decide obviously doesn’t include a general election.

RT @LauraFMcConnell: @FionaHyslop @adamrmcvey I pay tourist tax when I travel abroad- doesn’t stop me travelling. In Edinburgh we need extra investment to help with street clearing and refuse collections that private citizens should not be picking up the tab for when it is business that benefits from tourism.

RT @Daniel_Sugarman: RT @Daniel_Sugarman: Conservative MP doesn’t even get to remember her little boy in peace. Grim. Utterly grim.

RT @Stephen_SNP: A local Tory Cllr who doesn’t seem to acknowledge he’s in administration & another whose comments don’t make sense. Fills me full of hope.…

RT @Stephen_SNP: Given this story in the p&j it’s apt to remind folk that the MP for Aberdeen South also doesn’t want teachers to be bouncers. No, He wants them to have the same search powers as Police Officers. Will Ruth *finally* put Ross back in his box on this most important of issues?