All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @indiathorogood: Isn’t this a wonderful sight - politicians listening 😍 @johnmcdonnellMP is touring the UK speaking to thousands to build next manifesto. Today in Lanarkshire. @LabourRichard - “In an age of powerlessness and hopelessness we are offering hope and empowerment” ✊🏻 #ByTheMany

RT @LeahFranchetti: Feminism isn’t a battle to see who can be the most outraged. It is the pursuit of equal treatment for women in the hope that we can walk outside at night without fear of attack and go to work free from harassment.

RT @kittysull1: RT @kittysull1: And @jackiebmsp is right to raise issue of transparency, if that isn’t there how can public have confidence in the course o…