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Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (CHP) (Republican People's Party)

RT @Vikram_Sood: Thanks for writing this - brings out all that has been positive in the government & people's response without losing sight of the pitfalls ahead, including non-cooperation by some political parties, from @SandipGhose

RT @anumayhem: In UP. "A cobbler, who didn't want to give his name, said he had been "polishing people's shoes at the railway station in Allahabad for years, but nobody is showing up now". He said he doesn't even know why people have stopped travelling."…

RT @abhijeet_dipke: People's leader ? No he is not! @GautamGambhir is megalomaniac who wants a stand named after him, wants people not question him when he skips imp meetings. #ShameOnGambhir…

RT @INCIndia: RT @INCIndia: If you are not following the People's Shadow Handle of Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs,Follow it on @YASMinShadow http://t…

RT @OfficeOfRG: RT @OfficeOfRG: The Congress Party will fight this attack on our constitution, on our democracy, on the people's mandate(3/3)

RT @rachitseth: RT @rachitseth: Rahul Gandhi listening to people's woes in Delhi's Sarojini Market today evening #DeMonetisation

RT @qarisohaibrjd: Among all these protests let’s send some thoughts & slogans out to the warrior who has suffered the most. People's leader @laluprasadrjd has been in jail for last 2 years.His health in shambles,kidney has stopped working. All because he didn’t bow down to right wingers & fascists

RT @FinMinIndShadow: RT @FinMinIndShadow: What India has done is commit a massive theft of people's property -shocking move for a democratic govt"says Forbes h…

RT @MPNaveenJindal: Rich tributes to the People's President, a great scientist, wonderful human being and a source of inspiration to millions of Indians, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on his death anniversary. #APJAbdulKalam

RT @OmairTAhmad: (I usually scroll through people's timelines before I answer. If I find displays of open bigotry, or that they fall into the category "too stupid to engage", I prefer to block them instead of replying. Life is too short to be spent on unpleasant people.)