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Congress in News (india) tweeted :

I'll not be deterred; I’m happy, let them put as many cases as they want, I’ll continue to fight for the unity of this country: Rahul Gandhi

RT @MLAJagdeepSingh: share this trend send your kids video on this song i’ll post your video on my feed #lage_raho_kejriwal ❤️ @ArvindKejriwal @SanjayAzadSln @AamAadmiParty @AapKaGopalRai @AnkitLal

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @anand_blore :

RT @anand_blore: We need to raise funds for honest politics. And we need to make sure others know about this. On #7YearsOfAAP, I’ll donate 100 Rs per retweet till 12:00 AM #KejriwalPhirSe

RT @sd268: So they learnt nothing from the debacle that was demonetization. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: *forcing* people to adopt digital payments is not only wrong and coercive - it’s also INEFFECTIVE. Please stop this madness.…

Priya Dutt (india) tweeted :

I’ll be in Bandra (W) on 31st March. Do join and let’s work towards a better tomorrow.

Omar Abdullah (india) tweeted :

@jandkgovernor Malik Sb has launched a PR blitz. I won’t comment on the appropriateness of this. All I’ll say is that Gov Malik Sb will be judged by one yardstick only - how quickly he is able to give the people of J&K a popularly elected government.Any delay will be his failure.

RT @GargiRawat: ‘If you’re talking about dynastic politics, I’ll be the first to resign if this is an issue, but then others should to’ @yadavtejashwi #NDTVYuva

RT @CPMumbaiPolice: RT @CPMumbaiPolice: Think you are technologically savvy? Please share your #CyberSafety measures & I’ll RT the important ones for the larg…

Nupur Sharma (unknown) replied to @iSad1292 :

@iSad1292 @republic @AltNews @free_thinker I’ll stick to Labour Bureau. Or even ILO/WorldBank. And by that logic, contrary to fake news/narrative by Rahul Gandhi and Congress, unemployment was way higher under UPA. Now hope to see you counter Congress/MahaThagBandhan when they say Unemployment increasing? I rest my case.

RT @Imamofpeace: RT @Imamofpeace: Dear Indian friends. Do I have an audience in India? ◽◽ If I get 10K retweets before January I’ll come to India in 2018.