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Unlike some, @KristyMcBain isn’t running for Federal Parliament to further her own career. She’s running to represent the people of Eden Monaro who, time and time again, have been forgotten by this Government.

SmoKo isn’t a daggy dad, he’s an absent father. He should do be doing all he can to protect life, like leading a global push to quit coal, but he’s missing in action and blowing up global climate talks. He says his gov’s first duty is to protect its people. He’s failing.

Images like this remind us @Australian_Navy isn’t just a fleet of ships, but real people who make real sacrifices. Able Seaman Combat Systems Operator Nathan Thomsett saying goodbye to wife Renee. If you look closely, you might be able to see something on her neck...⚓️ #TYFYS

Well this just isn’t good enough. Federal Minister denies #robodebt is happening in Townsville despite department confirming that compliance activity has resumed.…

”We'll beat it by 10 per cent: Liberal candidate...” Hey isn’t than a @Bunnings marketing line? What’s with the Liberals and advertising at the moment 🤷‍♀️… via @BgoAddy

If it’s such a ‘fair go’ for WA why isn’t 🎩 running Liberal candidates in the Fremantle/Perth byelections? Full page ads in @westaustralian are no substitute for facing WA voters #Libsrunningscared #auspol #Pat4Perth #Josh4Freo

@michaelkoziol So why isn’t Ann the candidate? Why didn’t the NSW executive support Ann?

This cafe in my local shopping centre is usually closed on Sundays, given 🎩 Turnbull’s #penaltyrates cuts why isn’t it open today creating more jobs on less pay? Perhaps it’s their day off? #auspol @walabor #Laborwillrestorepenaltyrates

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

It’s a pity the only ‘ism’ that isn’t banned is wowserism.…

Is that Julia Banks blood dripping? It sure isn’t Daniel Andrews’ #auspol #springstreet