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Ekurhuleni COVID-19 Food Bank:


Député de Haute-Garonne #Toulouse. Coordinateur Économie @LaREM_AN | COVID-19. Focus aéronautique, sécurité, souveraineté éco, logement, ..

Dr. Henry talks about the generosity and compassion British Columbians have shown during #COVIDー19. Everybody has been incredibly patient while we all prating social distancing efforts to #FlattenTheCurve.

Patrick Brown (unknown) tweeted :

Daily #COVIDー19 update for #Brampton & the @regionofpeel. We really need to take the advice of public health, #StayHome & follow #PhysicalDistancing protocols. The virus continues to spread in the community & particularly amongst those aged 20-29. We must do better #Brsmpton.

Dan Albas (Conservative) tweeted :

The speaker just conformed there is no provision for "emergency debates" in the special COVID committee. This is yet another loss to Canadian democracy because of the NDP/Liberal deal to keep regular Parliament sidelined.

RT @ToulasTake: RT @ToulasTake: Young and middle-aged people, barely sick with covid-19, are dying from strokes.…

RT @NWBrampton: RT @NWBrampton: I just uploaded “Mayor Brown want transparent COVID-19 infection data in Peel Region” to #Vimeo:

Charlie Angus NDP (NDP) tweeted :

We are going live at 7pm EST to discuss health care in the age of COVID. @DonDavies @traceyram @janephilpott

"Federal deficit likely now at $260 billion due to COVID-19, PBO says"…

Patrick Brown (unknown) tweeted :

And people wonder why we have not opened our parks in #Brampton..... #COVIDー19

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

Join us tonight for a discussion about the COVID-19 crisis and the future of seniors’ care in Canada!…

RT @medeiros_martin: This chart from @regionofpeel's Public Health illustrates that cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, especially in the @CityBrampton. This highlights the continued need to practice #SocialDistancing as we experience this ongoing #pandemic. #Brampton #Brampoli #Peelregion