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RT @hartinghelen: RT @hartinghelen: Michael Gove in @spectator magazine. Excellent point, well made.

RT @ExecutiveHNM: RT @ExecutiveHNM: Stay local, buy local this Christmas urges city's man at Westminster

🚨 WEEKLY UPDATE 🚨 🧰 My reaction to the Spending Review 🦠 Birmingham to enter Tier 3 🌆 The building safety scandal in Edgbaston 💵 Third SEISS grant opens Read about all this and more in my weekly update ⬇️…

RT @TanDhesi: Another mish-mash offering by the Govt! Slough segregated and a regional approach for rest of the country. Those in Tier 3 must get extra support for our struggling businesses and public health teams. Otherwise we have double whammy of a never-ending health and economic crisis.

RT @TanDhesi: Saddened to see such vile behaviour towards a young boy. Brings back memories of when someone tried to pull off my turban at school. Bullying and anti-Sikh hate can’t be tolerated. Looking to Charton School and authorities in Telford to take swift action.…

RT @connormoss1997: RT @connormoss1997: @Debbie_abrahams I'll pop in tomorrow evening to do some phone canvassing. ◽

Think I'll put up the independence speech that was never heard. Do you want me to do it in the style of

RT @erikgeddes: 📺 Day 2 of SNP conference and @JohnSwinney - who yesterday pledged to extend free school meals (breakfast and lunch) for all primary pupils through school holidays all year round - is first up and on @BBCBreakfast shortly... #SNP20

RT @TanDhesi: It takes a special kind of people to feed those ordered to beat and suppress them. I stand with farmers of the #Punjab and other parts of #India, including our family and friends, who are peacefully protesting against the encroaching privatisation of #FarmersBill2020.