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RT @MartynDaySNP: Several folk have been asking me to post on #Instagram. I actually have an existing @Instagram channel, which I'm now broadcasting regularly on. You can expect additional photos, shorter posts & a few more #HashTags when you follow me on - see you there!

This was a surprising tearjerker: Spitfire:…

RT @TanDhesi: Having skipped the details of his “oven-ready deal”, Boris Johnson now feels the urge for a UK Internal Market Bill to protect him from the EU, but what we actually need is a Bill to protect our country from the seemingly limitless ineptitude and incompetence of this PM and Govt.

RT @TanDhesi: Govt must be more transparent about the future of rail, as @UKLabour have long argued public ownership will provide better value for the taxpayer and passenger. Current EMAs ending in Sept have cost the public purse a huge £3.5bn, yet there's no clarity from Transport Secretary!

RT @TanDhesi: Glad Govt finally listened to @UKLabour and looking to end their failed franchise model. But instead of hearing via rumours, to ensure proper scrutiny, Ministers must update @HouseofCommons about rail future and support for UK suppliers, given billions of taxpayer funds at stake

There’s a blast from the past! Claddagh jewellery. Always remember my mum and her pals had just about every bit of it: earrings, bangles, rings - the lot. Usually bought at her pal Isobel’s jewellery parties, supplied by the jewellers on London Road.

RT @Kofi_Smiles: RT @Kofi_Smiles: #RiseAndSmile LETSSSSSS GOOOOOOOO!

RT @Louisem_src: So far we have 6 cafes/bars/restaurants taking part...& we’ll be announcing a couple more next week! Check out where to eat this June 🥘🥗🍽…

RT @ACEPolicy: RT @ACEPolicy: Listening to @RuthCadbury at launch of APPG for Women in Transport at Commons.