All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Coldwar_Steve: Remastered SHITEHAWKS - limited edition, large (A2) Giclee prints, available from the online store tomorrow at 12:04pm.โ€ฆ

RT @SiannamacDonald: Are we watching this, Scotland? Because it's happening right now.โ€ฆ

RT @tywynbach: @JonathanPlaid #StandingUpForWales at #hustings @LlandeiloRugby tonight. Dim ond un dyn sydd ynddi i gynrychioli Dwโ€ฆ

RT @tywynbach: @1ngi @JonathanPlaid noson dda iawn / food for thought

RT @tywynbach: Inspirational trio, llandeilo @Plaid_Cymru meeting. #togetherstronger. Braf gweld croesdoriad o oed a hil yno. Ymlan https:/โ€ฆ

RT @Liam_O_Hare: Here's @IanBlackfordMP questioning Theresa May on links between Tory party and Cambridge Analytica/SCL group as I revealedโ€ฆ

RT @mattdspry: Newydd wylio'r rhaglen deledu 'Our Next Prime Minister.' Dadl ardderchog dros annibyniaeth i Gymru. Just watched the 'Our Nโ€ฆ

RT @prifysgolbangor: ๐— ๐—”๐—˜ ๐—”๐—ก๐—š๐—˜๐—ก: Myfyrwyr dibynadwy i helpu ar y Diwrnod Agored! Os ydych yn eich gweld eich hun fel llysgennad da dros Faโ€ฆ