All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @ayeshahazarika: Would Gwynnie’s vag based candle be considered vegan? BTW, I cannot believe she’s dropped this comedy gold AFTER my stand up tour all about Goop is over. Clearly her revenge for all those yoni steaming gags #singedminge

RT @prwhittle: Every passing crisis tends to make you appreciate the Queen, and the way she’s performed her role over nearly 69 years, that bit more. #HarryAndMeghan

RT @LauraSmithCrewe: Seriously! As a mother to a 3 year old daughter I really hope that by the time she’s an adult this kind of attitude has disappeared. #DoBetter focus on the politics

RT @therealhostman: Very sensible views from @SuellaBraverman on #PoliticsLive about immigration, she’s the daughter of an immigrant and understands the basic fundamentals of controls & public confidence in a system with fair rules, brexit not about pulling up drawbridge as often portrayed

@DawnHFoster She’s not an MP

RT @HillaryClinton: RT @HillaryClinton: .@GretaThunberg to Congress: “I know you are trying but just not hard enough.” She’s right.…

RT @washingtonpost: RT @washingtonpost: Brittany Kaiser’s work with Cambridge Analytica helped elect Donald Trump. She’s hoping the world will forgive her. ht…

RT @TheresaMEP: No Deal wipes out 12% of the economy of the region where she’s an MP - the sheer scale of the arrogance of @EstherMcVey1 is staggering her total lack of understanding of how international trade works stupefying

RT @alicesoapbox: RT @alicesoapbox: @cjsbishop @SpeakerTrevor She’s done/is doing a brilliant job, a massive change since I’ve been away.

RT @allowmrali: @JonClarkeSW17 @DrRosena Yeah we get She’s 👍 great ...but can she floss though?? Our @DawnButlerBrent can . Brent 1 Tooting 0…