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Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (CHP) (Republican People's Party)

RT @HRCP87: Evictions, the demolition of people's houses, and land grabbing, esp. when such communities are doubly vulnerable, are highly condemnable. HRCP will conduct an independent fact-finding exercise to investigate. #Yazman 2/2

RT @anumayhem: In UP. "A cobbler, who didn't want to give his name, said he had been "polishing people's shoes at the railway station in Allahabad for years, but nobody is showing up now". He said he doesn't even know why people have stopped travelling."…

RT @itvnews: The chancellor has said "for the first time in our history" the Government will step in and help pay people's wages through a coronavirus job retention scheme. Any employer can apply for grant to cover 80% of the salary of those not working, upto £2500.…

Ann Clwyd (Labour) retweeted @CNN :

RT @CNN: Michael Bloomberg may not need other people's money to fund his bid for the White House. But friends -- especially influential ones -- come in handy, writes Cristina Alesci

RT @CommonsLeader: 📺 Today, the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is being brought back to the Commons. This People's Government is moving within the first week of a new Parliament to get Brexit done and deliver on the priorities of the British people. #PeoplesGovernment @Jacob_Rees_Mogg | @DExEUgov

RT @nicholascecil: RT @nicholascecil: "Tactical voting is last weapon in armoury to get People's Vote." - @heidiallen75 speaks to @joemurphylondon https://t.c…

RT @Another_Europe: 🚨TAKE ACTION: Tell MPs to stop No Deal. A No Deal Brexit would be a disaster for people's lives, our basic rights and public services. All MPs who oppose it now have a moral duty to unite behind @jeremycorbyn's plan. Use this tool to write to your MP👇…

RT @SSBeekeepers: Great news!!! Our People's Project funding bid was successful and we are now the proud winners of £20,500. A massive thank you to everyone who voted for us, your support have been amazing! We will post regular updates of our progress. 🐝 #PeoplesProjects #BeeSpace

RT @TrevorHoneyman: BBC EU programme now resorting to waxing lyrical on a People's Vote, second referendum, guest after guest droning on about it and compromise, bringing the country together blah blah. A massive BXP election performance has been turned into a BBC remain party political broadcast.

RT @TheProgressives: We took to the streets in #Brussels yesterday to #march4Europe. The people's message is clear - we need to stand united to fight against those who want to tear the EU apart. We hear you! And we will never stop fighting! #EuropeTogether…