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Ekurhuleni COVID-19 Food Bank:


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@m0b1le0170 Dem Bericht nach wurden in Hamburg zwischen dem 22. März und 11. April 65 Covid-19-Verstorbene obduziert. (...) Bei 61 davon wurde die Coronaviruserkrankung als ursächlich für den Tod eingetragen. Vier sind nicht an, sondern nur mit dem Virus gestorben.…

Covid-19: Critic claims ministers are 'in civil war' over lockdown…

"Federal deficit likely now at $260 billion due to COVID-19, PBO says"…

RT @BethRigby: Kay Burley asks Gove why DC took Covid-19 to a another part of country and then accessed NHS while there? Gove says isolated and reduced risks KB points out that DC’s wife had Covid-19 and went to a hospital with their small son

RT @diariocorreo: RT @diariocorreo: Elmer Cuba: “La batalla al Covid se va a perder en el transporte público” @ClorindaFF…

RT @drsarahdillon: So the PM has just told me that when my husband and I were ill with covid for 4 weeks, when we locked down, when we didn't leave the house for a month, when we did all that whilst still caring for an 8 year old and 10 year old, that was unnecessary 1/2

RT @PeterKGeoghegan: This week, Downing Street told @openDemocracy we were banned from asking #covid briefing questions as we're 'campaigning journalists'… Seems Guardian and Mirror are 'campaigning' now too. 'Campaigning' looks awfully like No 10's version of 'fake news'

RT @NatalieGrams: Sehr lesenswertes Interview im neuen @derspiegel mit Prof. Piot, EU-Pandemieberater und selbst schwer an #COVIDー19 erkrankt. ,Viele Leute glauben, für 99% sei Covid19 nur eine Art Grippe, und 1% sterbe daran‘ - die Realität der Folgen und Spätfolgen sieht aber ganz anders aus.

RT @AnnastaciaMP: Thrilled about our partnership with @bazluhrmann's daughter Lilly to help international students impacted by COVID-19. We want parents to know their children are being looked after the same as we would want our children looked after if they were in another country. #COVID19Aus

RT @AleLorden: Cuanta más gente testeada haya, más positivos vamos a encontrar, debido a que el 80% de los que tendrán COVID son asintomáticos u oligosintomáticos. Para poder salir de la cuarentena necesitamos hacer lo que empezó a hacer CABA: la vigilancia activa. #Sesión