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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.

RT @BizforScotland: RT @BizforScotland: NEW: Brexit has cost Scotland £5.4bn of EU funding for COVID-19 recovery

RT @Douglas4Moray: Let’s stop dividing our country on nationalist lines, and instead work together to build a better Scotland for everyone — because that’s what it means to really love your country. My article in the Sunday Times:…

RT @ReicherStephen: Many people responding to the Scotland/England figures on COVID as an assertion of Scottish nationalism. Why? For me it is about learning from the differences to save lives. Scots are not currently dying. I want that success for everyone, irrespective of country and flag.

RT @AlisonHarrisMSP: The UK Gov has confirmed a £40 million investment in the Falkirk Growth Deal. This is the 11th growth deal in Scotland, bringing the total investment across the country to £3.2 billion. This funding is vital to Scotland’s economic recovery. What's the Scottish Gov doing - anyone?

RT @KramerGraham: In Tackling Coronavirus, Scotland Asserts Its Separateness From England - The New York Times ⁦@devisridhar⁩@JeaneF1MSP⁩@NicolaSturgeon⁩…

From today you must wear a face covering in shops in Scotland Shopping cart You are already required by law to wear one on public transport. Some exemptions apply ⬇ #StaySafe…

RT @KrutikaKuppalli: Congratulations Scotland on a job well done! You have let science lead decision making, worked hard, and ramped up testing and tracing ! @devisridhar if you need a colleague in Scotland happy to come work there since you all embrace science.

RT @AngusRobertson: New Scotland Poll: Scottish independence support 54% (+5%). SNP voting intention 55% (+4%). SNP seat share 74 (+11). Nicola Sturgeon Covid approval +60%. Pls share/RT. Poll by @Panelbase for @SundayTimesScot #SP21 #indyref2 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

RT @GlennBBC: ICYMI: in his infrastructure speech ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ promised to dual the A1 to Scotland (no date) The PM also said there would be a review of cross-border transport links within the UK

RT @Feorlean: Thanks to @GillianMSP, here are some @theSNP #MSPs in their face coverings encouraging everyone in #Scotland to wear theirs when the shops re-open tomorrow & reminding #Scotland that wearing them on public transport is already compulsory.