All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @IvankaTrump: RT @IvankaTrump: Recap ◽ on today’s historic White House Summit on combatting Human Trafficking.

RT @TOLOnews: Today’s Moscow-hosted Afghan peace meeting with Russian, US, Pakistani & Chinese participants ended with a joint statement calling for a ceasefire during negotiations between the Taliban & the Afghan government, as well as the release of a significant number of prisoners by both

RT @PPPinParliament: List of candidates and their election symbols issued by ECP for today’s bye election in PS 11, Larkana is confusing, likely to mislead voters. Brought to ECP attention #PS11_Larkana #ps11

RT @TOLOnews: Alia, an employee of the Ministry of Mines, has sustained injuries in today’s suicide attack in #Kabul. Officials said she is in a “critical condition” and has lost her son in the blast. #Afghanistan

RT @asmashirazi: Info Minister @fawadchaudhry blasts on today’s add of PTI 100 days published in newspapers. Says it was without his consent, cost over 10 million. سو دن کی تکمیل پر اخبارات میں ایک سے سوا کروڑ روپے کے اشتہارات میری مخالفت کے باوجود دیے گئے، فواد چوہدری #FaislaAapKa

RT @MohammadIlyasKh: It is a measure of Pakistan’s socio-political decadence that the aspirations of today’s pro-democracy circles hinge on the vary man who played as chief proxy of the Establishment to destroy democracy in post-Zia Pakistan. Nice take by @ShahzebJillani