All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Scotto_Voce: Since it’s #BlackCatAppreciationDay , i thought I’d present Tosca Freeman-Stewart, who is now 4 and we love her to bits. Best birthday present i ever had! ⁦@JeaneF1MSP⁩

RT @MalcolmChishol1: Never thought I’d see the day when a Tory PM would make Thatcher look like a wet but when you compare this cabinet with variety of her first one in 1979 this is an extreme right wing coup without precedent.

RT @AndrewSNicoll: Dear @JeaneF1MSP I am totally unsuited for running a major health board and I’d be prepared to drive the health board of your choice into the ground for a pay off of just £150,000 - half the going rate. Please bear me in mind.