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Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary @uklabour Member of Parliament for Battersea Email: Call: 0207 924 1973

Sass Henno

you can’t have no fun with an unloaded gun, my dad says thats for pussies

RT @markdreyfusQCMP: Tricky lines and dodgy excuses can’t hide the simple fact that Mr Morrison and his team are stalling an anti-corruption commission because they’re scared of what it will uncover.

@mattjcan You definitely can’t trust Matt Canavan and the LNP with your coal job.

You can’t buy a house if you don’t have a job. It’s hard to pay the rent if you don’t have a job. And 240,000 more Aussies are expected to lose their jobs by Xmas. Here’s an idea to create jobs and help people who really need it 👇👇 #auspol @abcnews

RT @ellaNbuckland: RT @ellaNbuckland: @feefiefoefumm Yeah worried too. I have to report my income tomorrow and if I can’t log on I will be suspended.

RT @Bowenchris: This is the biggest health crisis we’ve faced in 102 years. We can’t get to the other side & ask “could we have done more? Should we have moved earlier?” We need the fever clinics now, not May. Today we suggested the ADF be deployed to get at least some of the fever clinics going

RT @TimWattsMP: Ran some drills with one of @ChrisGoulding43’s old coaches at #aphbasketball this morning. Now I really can’t work out how his jump shot got so good!

RT @vanOnselenP: Apparently the PM is on holidays overseas. I can’t blame him wanting to get away from all the smoke and haze around Sydney at the moment from the bushfires! #auspol

RT @MurrayWatt: Prime Minister SkyMo ✈️ has spent 36 days overseas since the election, but he can’t find a day to get to the NT. He just doesn’t care about #NthAus. @TheNTNews…

Can’t stay away! Great to go doorknocking with @stevegeorganas Labor candidate for Adelaide and @MsMarielleSmith SA ALP Senate candidate to talk to Adelaide residents

RT @Trish_Corry: Rockhampton QLD Sitting on the front steps. I have a bug in my bra, a bug up my shorts, something I can’t even see crawling on my thigh, something flying in and out of my hair and a freaking Praying Mantis 2 inches from my foot on the railing. No cane toads though 😂