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RT @BBCBreaking: RT @BBCBreaking: Self-employed to be paid 80% of profits, up to £2,500 a month, to help them cope with coronavirus crisis, UK says https://…

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RT @BBCNewsNI: Man found guilty of murdering prison officer Adrian Ismay who died 11 days after bomb exploded under his van in Belfast in 2016

RT @Brooks1886: Really disheartening to wake up to this. Wanton vandalism causing damage to a great local business. I visited @GuiltTripCoffee this morning to offer support & assistance...and couldn't resist a box of their unrivalled 🍩. If you're nearby pop in and show them our support. 🍩☕

RT @PARLYapp: RT @PARLYapp: New DUP group leader @J_Donaldson_MP says he wants Northern Ireland to be treated the same as the rest of the UK

RT @NorthernIreland: RT @NorthernIreland: ◽ It’s the blue kit tonight in Rotterdam! ◽◽ KO is at 7:45pm! #GAWA

RT @radiostephen: Been a somewhat surreal day for me but ultimately a very proud one Eternally grateful for the opportunity to work for (which has always been my dream) the #BBC Thank you to all the well wishers I will try my very best to do the station, and the legends before me, justice 🙏🏽♥️

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RT @UTVNews: WATCH: On restoring devolution to Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein's VP @moneillsf told Good Morning Britain the 'core problem' for her party was the relationship between the DUP and Conservatives

RT @arnold_adelphos: As astute a speech as I’ve ever heard from any party leader, within N.I. or without, from @GRobinsonDUP. Only 34 and already the natural successor for leadership.…

RT @KenReid_utv: Nigel Dodds says these discussions are not about cash. He says these talks are about Brexit and progress has been. He confirms the role of NI Assembly is central in negotiations.