All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @InternetHippo: if i understand correctly, the democrats’ 2020 strategy is to do the same thing as 2016 but it’ll work this time because now voters know that trump is bad

RT @mattforde: RT @mattforde: ◽ Just recorded an absolute cracker of a Political Party with @EmilyThornberry. It’ll be out at 4pm today…

RT @SophiaSleigh: RT @SophiaSleigh: What a bonkers first week it’s been. I’m off next week, I’m sure it’ll be really quiet... ◽◽

RT @SenatorSAyaz: The country cannot afford another confrontation, but if the confrontation is forced it’ll become a political challenge, if you throw stone in someone’s Home, don’t expecf flowers from there— Wali Khan Baba #CelebratingWaliKhan

RT @jfdinning: Printing 50k of bumper sticker found today. It’ll sell like candy. Proceeds offered to @joececiyyc to cut deficit. I miss RKlein #UCP #AbLeg