All deleted tweets from politicians

Now the FT's @ChrisGiles_ says that the good economic news "is paradoxically bad news" because it'll make us arrogant and mimblewimble...

@RogerHelmerMEP No. It'll be triggered next year. Point is to advance our other trade talks as much as possible first.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

It'll take more than a leppo - even several leppos - to distract @GovGaryJohnson from shrinking the government.…

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

It's now recess, so it'll be a busy few weeks in the constituency.

@eddireader @rajbeartcreagh Aye, and it'll cost £6bn to renovate. Move and make it a historical museum.

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

A few issues with my mobile, so if anyone has tried to call or message, apologies. It'll be hors de combat for a few days. Email instead.

UK and Ireland were always in a free movement zone, along with non-EU Channel Islands & Isle of Man. Obviously it'll carry on after #Brexit.

@JananGanesh @toadmeister Rational? "Yes, it'll hurt us, but it'll hurt those sodding Brits even more"? How is that rational?

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Devastating logic from @mattwridley. If the EU would be vindictive were we to leave, it'll be vindictive if we stay.…

@AShortbread Thank you. It'll be either John mason or Ivan McKee depending on which bit of the constituency.