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MP for Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Brexit and Foreign Affairs.


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Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

I’ll be with the total heroes (and heroines) at ⁦@PacificResearch⁩ on 9 July talking about how Brexit can strengthen the British-American alliance. If you’re in San Francisco, do pop in.…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) replied to @SMTuffy :

@SMTuffy So, to be clear, there is no way that you can support Brexit without being, as you put it, an "ultra"?

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Sad to hear of the death of Grumpy Cat. We saw eye to eye on the Brexit delays.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Every week that the Brexit impasse continues, people become more polarised - and less civil. When they see the same political dispute on the news day after day, they pick sides, identifying as Remain or Leave rather than as Tory or Labour.…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Emma was quietly but diligently getting on with the business of delivering the Brexit she had campaigned for in 2016. Politics will be much poorer without her.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

This could be the end of the Conservative Party as a viable political force. A Corbyn government will drop Brexit - but, frankly, that’ll be the least of our problems by then.…

@MikeOMoo @anna_firth @Conservatives @NirjDeva @SyedKamall @JohnFlackMEP @Ashleyfoxmep To get Brexit done! (Pretty sure Hezza has said he's voting LibDem.)

On democracy, deregulation, decentralisation - and why we should use the European election to deliver Brexit in the national interest.…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

“The Conservatives have 71 candidates including Daniel Hannan, lodestar to a pukka Brexit...” The prose style of Indian newspapers is a thing of beauty and wonder.…

@Freshstart246 @jordanbpeterson @JonahNRO Yup. We need to deliver Brexit in an orderly, timely and amicable way. And we need to focus on the global opportunities that will come afterwards.