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Exec. Member Voice of Karachi(VoK) and SAMAF. Nothing to do with MQM. RT’s doesn’t mean endorsement. Live & Let Live

RT @SandeepParekh: This is Ill informed article. Indian law doesn’t allow foreign investment in government securities over 30 billion USD. There would be a flood of investment if that were relaxed. Has nothing to do with protests.

RT @AdvaitaKala: "A Dalit girl is raped in Alwar & it doesn’t become a headline in Indian Express till May 6 (when polls concluded in Rajasthan), it will raise question on the neutrality of IE" PM Modi takes on media bias & other queries in this straight forward interview…

Nupur Sharma (unknown) retweeted @saket71 :

RT @saket71: RT @saket71: No @PadmajaJoshi each party doesn’t say they have roadmap. Only @NupurSharmaBJP says that and backs it with data. #DelhiChokes