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RT @Malfunctionin14: @BobSmithWalker @georgegalloway @ExpressandStar @tom_watson Can’t argue with you. West Brom voted leave, Tom isn’t ref…

RT @twychy12: @georgegalloway @TheMalcolmFinch @JackkJazz I can’t imagine it being true I can’t imagine if it were true that the name of t…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

The Conservative Catch-22. We can’t face the electorate without having left. But we might not be able to leave without an election.…

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Listen to defenders of the Customs Union. They never make a principled case for it. They can’t. Instead they talk about “finding a compromise” or “standing up to the ERG”. The CU wouldn’t even - as the EU admits - solve the Irish border issue.

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

Given Donald Trump can’t get past his insecure obsession with John McCain, and given his gross slandering a deceased war hero who can’t defend himself, here is @SteveSchmidtSES flawlessly comparing Trump & McCain VIDEO:

@jeremycorbyn Even now, the Corbynites can’t bring themselves to break with Venezuela. Instead, they are falling back on their absurd one-stop answer to everything: “But America...”…

Eve Adams (unknown) tweeted :

I was rooting for @Ocasio2018 and your groundbreaking win but -woah. You can’t threaten your opponents/trolls with the power of the state because they tweet abuse. It sucks but you have to suck it up. #Mute #Block or even #TakeThemToCourt Don’t threaten haters.

Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @Stratscat :

@Stratscat @jancarson65 @BWilsonward14 @leighannemarie I received permission in writing. Can’t speak to why others are there.