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RT @BenMacpherson: 👇I've written to @BrandonLewis at @ukhomeoffice calling (again) for a declarative system for EU citizens, & at the very least for the scrapping of 'Pre-Settled Status' - EU citizens who live here should get full 'Settled Status' ASAP, no matter how long people have been here!…

RT @JamesMelville: Under a no-deal Brexit, the UK goes onto WTO rules. Product tariffs UK-EU (exports): WTO: Dairy 39.4% Meat 37.8% Sugars 31.6% Cereals 23.9% Fruit & Veg 10.5% Vehicles 10% Fish 9.6% EU: Dairy 0% Meat 0% Sugars 0% Cereals 0% Fruit & Veg 0% Vehicles 0% Fish 0% Spot the problem.

RT @Hippiepig: RT @Hippiepig: @AngusMacNeilSNP @RuralLeader So all of that bull about the EU holding us back trading throughout the world was actually jus…

RT @JamesMelville: Under a no-deal Brexit, the UK would default onto WTO rules. Product tariffs UK-EU (exports): WTO: Dairy produce 40% Tobacco 39.5% Meat 32.3% Sugar 30.2% Vegetables 15.1% Vehicles 10% EU: Dairy produce 0% Tobacco 0% Meat 0% Sugar 0% Vegetables 0% Vehicles 0% Spot the problem.

RT @Always_a_Yes: I have a dream. Try to imagine a Scotland in EU after England has left. Our ports - busy busy busy. Freedom of movement. Scotland’s turn as President. Our friends in Europe coming and going direct. Learning the languages. Our children deserve it. 👍

RT @JamesMelville: Nadia thinks that Britain would be better off out of the EU because “immigration is a large problem”. She “couldn’t imagine living in parts of the UK that are overrun” by immigrants. Nadia is a British “ex-pat” who lives in Portugal.

RT @JamesMelville: Are you a Brit who lives in the EU but still want a no-deal Brexit? Here’s how to convince yourself that’s it’s a perfectly sensible position to take. 🙄…