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RT @priyankagandhi: Sending the ED to harass @ahmedpatel ji in the middle of the COVID pandemic shows the perversion of this government’s priorities. Thousands are dying, our health workers are desperate for supportive measures, the economy is facing an unprecedented crisis, the Chinese are.. 1/2

RT @yadavtejashwi: Soaring crime rates in Bihar are an indictment of Nitish government’s neglect, hopelessness & weakness. The latest crime statistics reveal the terrible situation of lawlessness in Bihar. Despite highest recorded crimes Nitish govt shamelessly silent on such anarchy in state.

RT @Manekagandhibjp: More Power to our passionate stakeholders in States & UTs for incessantly driving the cause of #POSHAN. Government’s well planned Integrated Approach towards accomplishing Malnutrition Free India has enabled people from all walks of life to join the #POSHAN momentum. #PoshanMaah

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RT @Nidhi: You know the government’s priorities when a press meet by the Education Minister begins with a focus on communal tensions in West Bengal instead of URGENTLY addressing the issue of the CBSE paper leak.