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Dad - Member of Parliament - #Crawley - Vegetarian - Vexillologist. Enquiries? Please email: as I can’t guarantee seeing DMs/posts.


Labour MP for Westminster North. Live locally? Please raise issues with me via email at as I can’t do casework on Twitter. Thank you!

RT @RaheemKassam: I could be playing up and milking this Australia visa thing. But honestly I’m not a grifter and I can’t be arsed. If psychos like @AlboMP and @KKeneally are so scared of a former Muslim expressing concerns about the faith he was raised with, let them whinge. No one cares.

RT @MarkDiStef: This re-adjusts the “de-platforming” debate slightly. Robinson is not been banned. BUT he can’t make money from the videos and he doesn’t benefit from the powerful YouTube suggested video algorithms. He CAN still blast out YouTube links to his followers.

RT @ManUtdVines: RT @ManUtdVines: #throwback video - Ole : “If I haven’t learnt from him, I can’t do coaching.”

RT @BOConnorMP: RT @BOConnorMP: You can’t tackle inequality without addressing the gender pay gap. #auspol

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted : they can’t. #PCBS…

RT @BOConnorMP: RT @BOConnorMP: You can’t tackle inequality without addressing the gender pay gap. #auspol

RT @PeterGreste: A prominent Australian is convicted of a serious crime, in a case with clear public interest. Yet Aussie journos can’t tell you who, why, where or when. No better example of suppression orders abused to silence legitimate reporting.

RT @APMSGT: That’s a lot of mesh left behind for a full removal! Surgeons, If you can’t get it all, if you don’t have the ability you have a duty to tell your patient. Patients, insist on photos.…

@workmanalice Fair go on the kids Alice, like the Australian people, they can’t tell the difference between Labor and the Liberals. There is #ABetterWay with @AuConservatives #auspol