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Labour MP for Manchester Withington For all enquiries, or if you’d like a reply please email Contact my office on 0161 445 0678

RT @TanDhesi: If like me you’d had three loved ones killed by this virus, you wouldn’t be so blasé about it and put the lives of police officers at risk!…

‘Freaking our about being single during crisis’ You’d think They could keep each other company. ? via @DailyMailCeleb

@LOS_Fisher Almost all of our clinicians are already working in the NHS. As you’d expect the MoD is planning for all sorts of things right now but there’s also an awful lot of stuff that’s just being made up. These numbers included, I’m afraid.

RT @rhiannonlucyc: I see the Tories are busy cementing their reputation as the kind of pompous snivelling pricks you’d avoid like the plague at a fresher’s law cheese and wine mixer

@lmchesters if you read the guidelines at… you’d see that apron and runway upgrades, part of #BendigoAirport’s proposal, as well as other relevant works can be funded. It seems you’ve done nothing to support #BendigoAirport secure funding. #notgoodenough

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

Brilliant journalism by Ben Cohen of ⁦⁦@GrayzoneProject⁩ You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh. Turns out Private Paul Mason is mobbed up!Leftist Gilbert Achcar and other academics secretly train elite UK military unit | The Grayzone…

RT @CrAaronHawkins: "Aaron Hawkins has proved himself as both a councillor & a leader. He has the backing of the Green Party, which you’d think would alienate some of Dunedin’s upper crust, but his community work, presence in the ODT & constant suit-wearing have won them over." Thanks @josieonmars…

I’ve responded by writing Mapplethorpe postcards. Ping me with your address if you’d like one in the mail. I’m running out of the saucier ones.

RT @dunfermlinefilm: ⭐️⭐️CALL FOR SHORT FILMS⭐️⭐️ Do you have a short film you’d like to put forward for consideration for this years Shorts programme with The Dunfermline Filmhouse @outwithfestival Then send it to with the subject TDF SHORTS #Outwithfestival