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RT @ArticulateDinos: Well said @ElizabethMay Clarity. For further clarity see today’s @washingtonpost Opinion Piece by @WordsandGuitar Alicia Elliot Considered historically, Canada & BC have inflicted a gaping Constitutional wound, perpetuating the State’s Colonial legacy @LeahGazan @RussDiabo

RT @ElliotKett: Hello Twitterers, I’ll be live tweeting today’s @RSAEvents lunchtime lecture ‘A new roadmap to eco-politics’ with @jon_bartley @fbrantner @RSAMatthew. Join the conversation with #RSAclimate

RT @hmtreasury: Today’s @ONS stats show the employment rate is 76.3%, a record high. See below for what’s happened to the UK’s employment rate since the 2016 referendum 👇

RT @mhclg: Today’s #QueensSpeech sets out major changes to building and fire safety laws in two bills 👉 delivering a new safety framework for high-rise buildings 👉 ensuring residents’ concerns are never ignored 👉 strengthening fire safety requirements

RT @JournoStephen: A hugely important story in today’s Scottish Daily Mail from my colleague @GrahamGGrant. Scottish Jews are urging Nicola Sturgeon not to abandon them by putting Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street. The SNP leader should be facing far more questions about this than she is.

RT @narendramodi: RT @narendramodi: Hope you’re having a great #Diwali. Join today’s #MannKiBaat.…

RT @narendramodi: RT @narendramodi: Thank you Panvel! Today’s rally was excellent, with people from all walks of life joining the programme.…

RT @gmpolice: We know that many people will have been deeply affected by today’s incident at the #Arndale shopping centre in #Manchester city centre. If you need help and support, please contact the dedicated Resilience Hub.

RT @PickardJE: One reporter asks Number 10 about the new Brexit proposals at today’s lobby: “This thing looks dead in the water. What’s the prime minister going to do next?”