All deleted tweets from politicians

Narendra Modi (unknown) tweeted :

During today’s Cabinet meeting, important decisions were taken which are focused on welfare of migrants, senior citizens, easier availability of credit, harnessing opportunities in the fisheries sector. They will benefit several citizens.

Floyd Shivambu (EFF) tweeted :

Today’s Karl Marx 202’s Birthday and his ideas are still valid. An unedited tribute is written here:…

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

Thanks Helen, we in Labour are pushing as hard as we can on this. In today’s Observer he argues there needs to be 2nd wave of suppprt for sectors like yours… that the state steps in to save to avert going bust

Playing to our economic strengths post Coronavirus, my piece in today’s Newcastle Herald

1/4Facemasks. @BorisJohnson confirmed his support of facemasks in today’s briefing. I suspect we will officially hear more. For those already using them, here are things to be aware of. Don’t touch the front of the mask, you will spread the viral load over your hands. #Covid19

Wishing the very best to my Slovene friends in 🇬🇧 and 🇸🇮 on today’s #SloUKFriendship Day. My letter👇expresses my thanks to the Slovenes making an incredible contribution on the #frontline of @NHSuk. Tadeusz Če kaj, je trenutna kriza pokazala, da #SkupajZmoremo

@kumar3315 Also from today’s #COVID19Aus Senate hearing, we now know hundreds of thousands of Australians lost their jobs while the Morrison Govt spent a week arguing against wage subsidies - including 160,000 who applied for JobSeeker support. It didn’t need to be that way.

Today’s daily walk - Markinch to Star Moss. 2.5 hours which @kezdugdale thoroughly enjoyed despite initial protestations. Bass Rock & Berwick Law clearly visible from the highest point across the Forth.… #StayHomeSaveLives #DailyExercise

Today’s expert-led report on drug sites is a shocking wake up call for all Albertans. Rampant meth use, carelessly discarded needles, and no pathways to treatment and recovery. Albertans deserve better.…

Today’s announcement underscores that even during a time of much-needed fiscal restraint, @YourAlberta will continue to make important investments to ensure high quality public health care. Next week’s budget will include record high health expenditures.