All deleted tweets from politicians

Diana Johnson (Labour) tweeted :

My comments on the urgent need to combat domestic abuse following today’s @HouseofCommons debate on the Domestic Abuse Bill.

My favourite pic from yesterday’s #dailymile @SandersonsWynd - I had excellent company! 😊I’m off out to do today’s shortly....🏃‍♀️

Many thanks Malini Agarwal and others for today’s discussion at India-Sweden Innovation Day, on how social media can be used responsibly and for positive impact. Yes, it’s possible and powerful, if everyone takes ones own responsibility instead of just retweeting the worst.

Today’s @TOIBengaluru has a story on how @bigbasket_com is in a soup for using cling film for deliveries. The same is being done by @NaturesBasket too. Even individual vegetables are cling wrapped. Is this how seriously @GodrejGroup takes the environment ?

Today’s massive LHR Kashmir Rally sent a strong message to India that Pakistan will take Modi to task for his murder of innocent Kashmiris & annexation of Kashmir. Modi has embarked on a suicidal mission of annihilation of peace in South Asia & made Kashmir a war zone!

Today’s GDP figures show the worst performance in six and a half years. ONS data shows that services, manufacturing and construction. And we have a Government pursuing a ‘no deal’ Brexit that will harms business, jobs and livelihoods. Anti-business and pro-dogma.

Great work by FBR chief @shabarnes35 to avert today’s strike call by Pakistan Flour Mills Association

Stephen Lloyd MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

My intervention in today’s cycling debate. We MUST get gov money if towns like Eastbourne are to properly and safely introduce more cycling lanes. In Holland 26% regularly cycle. In UK its 2%. They took decision to change direction in 70’s. We can do same but need the investment.

Raghubar Das (india) tweeted :
Narendra Modi (unknown) tweeted :