All deleted tweets from politicians

@NicolaSturgeon announced that from today, 28th Aug, it'll be an offence to hold large house parties indoors in Scotland:… To #StaySafe, you can still only meet with up to 8 people from a maximum of 3 households at a time indoors ➡

May 7 is TOMORROW in my calendar - it'll be 2 AM Central European Time FRIDAY, but I know how confusing the days can be when you're home all the time 😂🤣 I'll be there #BringBackWhiteCollar

RT @1petermartin: ParentsNext, along with #Robodebt is the election sleeper. It'll cost, big time. @ConversationEDU #ausecon #auspol

Keith Taylor MEP🎅 (EU) tweeted :

Putting Brexit aside for the briefest moment—it'll still be a shambles tomorrow—to make a Christmas playlist, have a look, RT, and send me suggestions.…

@Daniqbl It'll be good if anyone is replaced for the bad performance. If let go with a warning then its only optics.

Clare Moody MEP (EU) retweeted @mikekatz :

RT @mikekatz: Nice line from @Manuel_TSSA @TSSAunion GS on Rees-Mogg saying it'll take 50yrs to reap benefit of #Brexit - "He's three centuries behind, so it won't seem like much! To rest of us it's an eternity."

RT @GeraintDaviesMP: The government's action plan claims it'll ban conversion therapy, & my Bill will set out how to do that. We cannot let this abhorrent practise go any longer & the Gov must now act!

Paul Sweeney MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Waiting with baited breath to see how my interview on @mattforde's #Unspun goes about life as a new MP! It'll be on @davechannel tonight from 10pm. Just hoping my office buddy @DaniRowley doesn't kill me. 🙊🕙📺 @DaveUnspun

RT @RobWhite_UK: RT @RobWhite_UK: @ianpaisleymp yes surely it'll be up to the Irish and EU leaders to put the boarder up ?

It'll be interesting to see how many British Remainers rush to defend these indefensible comments. The UK, as much as any country in Europe, has taken the fight to the extremists.