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North Devon MP. Formerly on the radio. Sorry I don’t see incoming Tweets & can’t reply here; for all casework & questions please email & I’ll be happy to help.

James Frith MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Tonight I voted for Parliament to take back control and tomorrow I’ll vote to stop a no-deal Brexit. A deal that works for Bury and Britain is the one we’ve got or yet to get. #Brexit

Dean Smith (australia) tweeted :

I’ll be speaking with Sue Myc on 89.7FM this morning about a number of the Morrison Government’s programs, including the Stronger Communities Program, which will benefit Perth’s northern suburbs.

Jo Stevens (Labour) tweeted :

From 2.30 I’ll be questioning @electronicarts and @EpicGames - the people behind games like FIFA and Fortnite - as part of our ongoing @CommonsCMS inquiry into immersive and addictive tech. You can watch online here:…

I’ll be here - at Eastenders Pie ‘n’ Mash - chrisp street for my Facebook live - 4pm - see you there either online or in person for jellied eels

RT @_hanimustafa: I’ll just finish on the point that it’s funny all these attacking me as some sort of Remoner, given I’ve invested so much…

Ed Davey🔶 (UKMPs) tweeted :

@realDonaldTrump‘s personal insults to the Mayor of London demonstrate his contempt for us. I’ll proudly protest tomorrow alongside thousands of others who reject Trump’s politics of hate & division and want to keep his hands off our #NHS. #trumpukvisit

RT @DavidHenigUK: The message "There is no point in saying “Just leave!” or “I’ll get us a better deal!” unless you are clear about how you…

It has been a great honor and a privilege I’ll treasure for the rest of my life to lead this Elections Team of the ANC. We worked through the days and night and across the country to ensure victory for the ANC. Whenever I’ve been tasked with Elections - it’s always a trill.

RT @JamesCleverly: I’m going to #VoteConservative on my way into DExEU this morning. Then I’ll be getting on with the day job of making su…