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2/3 topped off with another round of internal Tory drama. Amazing when you consider we haven’t even seen the proposals in print yet. Politics as we know it is failing, unable to rise above the deep divisions across the country.

RT @JamesCleverly: Campaigning during the local elections I was often asked “why haven’t YOU delivered Brexit?” I replied “I have voted fo…

Layla Moran (UKMPs) tweeted :

This campaign is really taking off! 💥 If you haven’t yet signed the petition, sign it now 👇…

Omar Abdullah (india) tweeted :

What a load of bunkum! The only thing that stops people in J&K is the violence & atmosphere of fear. You haven’t built an IIM or IIT in Kashmir so let’s not talk about professors being unwilling to come PM sahib.…

Bob Rae (unknown) tweeted :

Subways haven’t been built since Premier Harris filled them up with concrete in 1995-96. But not everything has to be a subway. This means more delays, more money, and less transit.

Best of luck to @CurtisHoward99 🌹in Aberystwyth’s Town Council Election - if you haven’t yet voted, you have until ⏱ 10pm tonight at 📍St Paul’s Methodist Centre, Aberystwyth!

If you haven’t already, join me on Facebook to keep up with what I’m doing within the riding and in Ottawa

Layla Moran (UKMPs) tweeted :

We’re quickly 1,000 signatures! If you haven’t signed our Expressway petition yet, what are you waiting for?…

The ANC haven’t come out and condemned this act of vandalism because we all know why they can’t.

Now qualifies evidence - not saying other factors haven’t contributed to cost increases.