All deleted tweets from politicians

Paul Sweeney MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

If you want a concise and powerful insight into Glasgow's poly-drug using population and why it is causing a particularly high mortality rate the our city, then read this. We know what can stop the deaths, so it's time for less hand wringing and time for rigorous action to help.

RT @SNPdavid: Greens annouce that they been working on a dodgy deal with Labour over Glasgow's budget. Unreal that they want to try & prop up a failed Labour party in Glasgow & their toxic legacy of pay discriminatory. Remember that next time they ask SNP voters to support them. #GlaBudget2019

Paul Sweeney MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Excellent scrutiny of the council by my colleague @martymcelroy on the future of temporary workers on Glasgow's excellent @theenvtaskforce. The Task Force has been a big sucess, and all these workers should be offered permanent contracts. Keeping them in the dark is unacceptable.

RT @ANC_Scotland: RT @ANC_Scotland: URGENT: today, at 6pm, in front of Glasgow's German Consulate to demand the ommediate release of the President @KRLS !

RT @GlasgowCC: Have Your Say on Glasgow's Draft Gaelic Language Plan for 2018-2022. Thoiribh Beachd air Dreachd Plana Gàidhlig Ghlaschu

RT @YouthViolenceUK: Great meeting with Glasgow's @SW4YED at City Hall today to discuss youth led solutions to #youthviolence with @vickyfoxcroft @ChrisStephens