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RT @Conservatives: Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are making promises they just can’t keep. Now they’ve promised “free” national internet. Their…

@dmchappy54 The youngest one is only 4, I can’t exactly leave him on his own. Parenting is just for women you know

The Agriculture Minister just admitted the Gov’t has been developing a Dairy of Conduct since 2016! Still can’t get it right #RNbreakfast

Ian Lavery (Labour) tweeted :

Mr Cleverly, @Conservatives here’s one video you don’t need to edit… You simply can’t trust a word the Tories day 🤷‍♂️ #VoteLabour2019

What an audience tonight in Birmingham - so much passion and energy. Can’t wait for the campaign trail #VoteConservative #LetsMoveForward

RT @MattHancock: Labour can’t even explain their own Brexit plan to the country. Why should anyone vote for them?

RT @AlexJODonnell: Can’t wait to welcome you and hope it’s a great finish to the conference year!! 😊Creating a #traumaResponsovescotland ht…

Prakash Javadekar (india) tweeted :

"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t." Here is a clip of "Shehnai" played by Ustad Bismillah Khan. Click the link below: Find more such music of legend in

@lukemartin83 I’ll volunteer Jono @DuniamJonathon and I can’t work in a bipartisan manner in the interest of Tassie. Bring it on #politas

RT @PnPCBC: “The party can’t be complacent. I think we can’t be self-congratulatory because we survived,” said defeated NDP MP @MattDube. “…