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Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary @uklabour Member of Parliament for Battersea Email: Call: 0207 924 1973


Dad - Member of Parliament - #Crawley - Vegetarian - Vexillologist. Enquiries? Please email: as I can’t guarantee seeing DMs/posts.

RT @MarkHorsleyUK: “WORDS FAIL ME” SAYS LUCAS Hundreds of Tory MPs have just voted AGAINST protecting unaccompanied child refugees. Can’t imagine why such a callous policy is necessary but this is the world we are now living in. Thank you @CarolineLucas for least calling this out ...…

RT @NicolaSturgeon: He can’t have it both ways - either prorogation was nothing to do with Brexit as he claimed, OR having prorogation declared unlawful frustrates Brexit. It can’t be both.…

RT @dreamdearg: An dóigh libh gur chuir an comhartha ilteangach seo isteach ar @DUPleader inniu? Can’t help but wondering if this multilingual sign annoyed AF / DUP today.. or if it underminded her Britishness... or if she felt the @EU_Commission was imposing Irish on her...? #CulturalSupremacy

RT @lizcastro: RT @lizcastro: “You can cut the flowers but you can’t stop the Spring.” #RepublicofCatalonia