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Sophie Walker (unknown) tweeted :

Just popping in to say I won't be getting over Brexit any time soon, but will campaign for a return to the EU as if it were forty years ago and I had a problem with Maastricht. #remainerforever #moreincommon #brexitlies

Pleased to support @LondonAssembly motion on the need for ongoing security arrangements with the EU. The Tories voted against despite putting forward no arguments as to why.... especially shocking given they emphasised the need to deport foreign criminals earlier in the meeting

Four years ago we woke to the news of #Brexit. #Londoners in particular voted overwhelmingly to stay in the #EU. However, the priority right now is to ensure this Government does not allow us to crash out of the transition period without a deal…

Sophie Walker (unknown) tweeted :

A government that needs & appreciates migrants is overruled by another. If EU migration to the UK is halved, the Scottish population is forecast to rise just one per cent & GDP fall by 4.5 pct in the next 20-25 yrs.…

RT @EnviroconJo: Absolutely shameful that #antiques trade barrister arguing against #UKivoryban using obscure points of #EU law while elephants continue to be slaughtered for their #ivory. #keeptheban

@NickBoles @GregHands Hi Nick. If a majority of MPs back this Bill - handing effective control of our EU exit timetable to the EU - are we supposed to believe they would subsequently exercise ‘subsection 3’ ?? This isn’t about creating a thoughtful delay; it is about stopping Brexit.

RT @LBC: Justin Welby has chaired talks between MPs from opposition parties to discuss plans to prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal. #Brexit

RT @RafHM: @radeksikorski @piris_jc Diff. in understanding is yours Good Friday Agreement's imp. to Eco/trade/customs border is EU/Irish fabrication GFA's sole infra. ref relates to security: "removal of security installations" EU/Irish deceit re GFA/border is greatest threat to peace: but from Loyalists not IRA

RT @RafHM: @PKBook22 An example 1-page transition-period FTA for UK & EU that satifies #GATT24 has been drafted by Dr. Lorand Bartels, International Law Counsel at Linklaters & a WTO specialist at Cambridge University who presented evidence to Commons' Brexit select committee. (Attached)

RT @RafHM: RARE VIDEO: Margaret Thatcher Speaks on EU Negotiations & a Fair Deal for Britain. The Iron Lady's resolve, passion and "Handbag Diplomacy" all helped secure our £1 Billion EU rebate. One can only imagine the difference decisive leadership would have brought Brexit Britain.