All deleted tweets from politicians

Prakash Javadekar (india) tweeted :

Modi government’s latest stimulus package is well-timed and targeted at employment-intensive sectors with high multiplier effects. This along with other measures will give the much-needed boost to our economy.

Ahmed Patel (india) tweeted :

My letter to @vijayrupanibjp bhai regarding the state government’s dictatorial attitude on farmers in Bharuch district First their land was forcibly snatched & then they were subjected to police brutality We will continue to stand behind our farmers until justice is delivered

Ram Madhav (india) tweeted :

I urge all to download government’s aarogyasetu app n be safe during Conona times. ◽

Ahmed Patel (india) tweeted :

The President’s address has become a platform being to legitimise the government’s blunders The Father of the Nation cannot be used as a brand ambassador for their divisive policies

Ahmed Patel (india) tweeted :

I made a short intervention in Parliament today pointing out the government’s hypocrisy on the Quota Bill

Piyush Goyal (india) tweeted :

Government’s vision for cleaner and safer energy connects with states as Punjab sets up the world’s largest single rooftop solar plant.

Ashok Gehlot (india) tweeted :

The Central Government’s unclear policies regarding Jammu and Kashmir and its visionless alliance with the PDP...

Piyush Goyal (india) tweeted :

India Inc. endorses Modi government’s ambitious Uday scheme for improving the financial health of the discoms.…