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RT @steve_hanke: #Socialism has returned #Venezuela to bartering. The destructive power of socialism cannot be understated. #SocialismKills

RT @DFID_UK: .@AlokSharma_RDG updates the House on the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and details of the new £30 million #UKaid package for those in need.

Appalled by the arrest of @ROBERTOMARRERO, Chief of Staff to interim President of Venezuela @jguaido, and the violation of the parliamentary immunity of @SergioVergaraG. The international community is watching. Those responsible for abuses will be held to account. #Venezuela

Chris Hazzard (UKMPs) tweeted :

Perhaps your next report on #Venezuela @OrlaGuerin can be with Mr Abrams? I’m sure there are lots of people in El Salavador, Nicaragua, and beyond who can tell you about his deadly legacy.

The British public are tired of war and foreign meddling, Venezuela is no different. They disdain politicians that let people sleep on streets, while pushing regime change overseas. They want peace and prosperity, at home and abroad. So do I. It’s why I’m a socialist.

Angela Smith MP (Labour) tweeted :

Raising concerns about the Maduro regime in Venezuela and the need for the UK to be at the centre of any international assistance to make sure free and fair elections can be held.

Key message of my #UNSC intervention: Juan Guaidó is the right man to take #Venezuela forward. We stand by @SecPompeo @EmmanuelMacron @sanchezcastejon and others in that we will recognise him as constitutional interim President if elections are not announced within 8 days.

RT @GuidoFawkes: RT @GuidoFawkes: Horrendous evidence coming out of #Venezuela We have obtained footage of Maduro's uniformed and plain clothes police exe…

RT @mreparaguay_en: RT @mreparaguay_en: #Mercosur takes the decision to suspend Venezuela in it's inherent rights and obligations as a State Part. https://t.c…