All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @offtheballbbc: Wow! What a response we got from our listeners to one of today’s lunchtime guests - Professor Jason Leitch. Here’s the first of two parts as he answers our listeners questions about Coronavirus. Podcast for more ➡️

RT @PARLYapp: RT @PARLYapp: The Speaker says the meaningful vote motion on today’s order paper isn’t in order and will not be debated today

RT @PLinEdinburgh: Thank you to everyone attending today’s concert organized to mark the resigning of #Edinburgh and #Kraków partnership agreement, including @ArkadyRzegocki @LordProvostEdin @krakow_pl @Edinburgh_CC @BenMacpherson @PLinEdinburgh The celebrations will continue tomorrow!

RT @StewartMcDonald: Today’s @guardian & @newsundayherald cover some extremely worrying goings on at the MoD: Having always been vague about the use of armed drones outwith a war zone they refer to having a practice in a policy document last year. I started asking some questions...