All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @helenking333: @georgegalloway loved hearing you talk tonight @dublincastle. wish I’d been less clumsy when saying hi after-will try again sometime as actually I have all the questions for you ;) thank you for such a worthwhile evening, yours, hk

RT @Lindsey35791: @TheStruggleUK @talkRADIO @georgegalloway I never thought I’d set an alarm to listen to a radio show but that’s exactly what I do. It’s so worth it!! I’ll be getting my old tapes out next 😂

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: .@gmbutts WHEN EVERYBODY KNOWS JUSTIN IS THE MOST CANADIAN. Well, aside from the whole “I’d be a separatist too” thing.

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: I’d like to know which senators agreed to “go easy” on Duffy, and who doctored the audit to take out the previous “very clear” …

Nathan Cullen (NDP) retweeted @acoyne :

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: I think I’d have trouble believing the sincerity of Kellie Leitch if she was reading the phone book.