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RT @DouglasCarswell: Just imagine if you were a Conservative MP and you’d had the chance to replace your current leader on various occasions these past two years, but you’d chosen not to do so?

RT @FflurGwen: 👇 To quote @Adamprice, Welsh Labour couldn’t even deliver a pizza. You’d end up getting it years later and it wouldn’t even be what you ordered. 🙃 🍕…

RT @Stateside_BK: @MikeAmesburyMP hi - you’ll have had a week like none other ..... if you’d like to retweet this and show your support for @NorthwichVicsFC as they head to Chertsey for the second semi final it would be appreciated I’m sure !

RT @MehboobaMufti: You’d be forgiven for assuming this was said by a street ruffian & not a national party president. Rahul Gandhi has paid the price for terrorism with his loved ones so he out of all the people doesn’t need your gangster style advice.…

RT @clairestruma: Our lovely wee team is looking for a new midwife to come and join us. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more🤗 @NHSHighland @RGUMidSoc @NapierMidSoc @ScotlandRCM @MaryRossDavie @brendairving01…

RT @PaulSenior1: RT @PaulSenior1: “I’d we’d of both won, you’d feel so much better, and we’d be worse off”. Solid words from @PhilBlundell

Paul Sweeney MP (UKMPs) retweeted @cnchlw :

RT @cnchlw: RT @cnchlw: When the tutor asked you a question but you’d only done half the reading and had to work with what you had.…

RT @VolareSouthport: @damienmooremp perhaps you’d be interested that this has gone on for 11(eleven) years with not sign of being solved by our hopeless MBC. I wonder what visitors think about Sunny Southport after seeing such shameful sight.... #withnomuchconfidence #thirdworldpolitics #blameshift

@robdoylev @TaxUnjust @BirkdaleLabour Sorry Robert (and no I haven’t muted you!) - if you’d like my views on business of the day, the best thing to do is send me an email at

RT @_AshleyBratcher: To every actor who signed @Alyssa_Milano’s letter. Maybe you’d feel more welcome in #Canada,there are NO ABORTION RESTRICTIONS through all 9 months of pregnancy & 766 babies were born alive, left to die, & thrown away like garbage in last 5 years. That’s what you want in the US?