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RT @ViviFriedgut: Already excited for next week’s @Jisc @UniversitiesUK event “#edtech in universities” with @CSkidmoreUK @emergelab and @MaryCurnockCook - showcase, celebration and launch of the “step up” program too!

RT @REarchdiocese: Holyrood shout out for our schools from @aewingmsp at last week’s debate on the positive contribution of Catholic schools to Scotland. @StJosephsRCPS @StJohnsRCPS @StBridesRCPS @StNinians_RCPS @StKennethsRCPS @StPatricksRCPS

RT @SenClaireMoore: Welcome to this week’s UPDATE where you can read: Coalition Internal Chaos on Refugee Children; Labor’s Plan to Stop Tax Evasion; Despite their promises Morrison privatises Medicare…

RT @mirandadevine: Column’s up: This week’s hysterical missive from the United Nation’s IPCC is just the latest case of the boy who cried wolf. What a good excuse to extricate ourselves from Paris on December 12.…

This is the second visit to the area following last week’s engagement with foreign spaza shop owners - now we meet with local spaza owners and community leadership. #ThumaMina

RT @rowandean: Sneak preview of this week’s Speccie cover by @antonemdin & @MsSarahDudley - don’t miss @corybernardi ‘s rock n roll diary

RT @ALeighMP: A “secret exemption” for charities? So secret that we put it in last week’s media release… #auspol @Bowenchris

RT @RalfLittle: RT @RalfLittle: Important petition to protect mental health spending before next week’s budget. Worth signing.…

RT @WholisticLife1: Morning everyone! That’s us pretty much back on track here at WL after last week’s weather shenanigans. First up we’ve got yoga @StMarysML9 at 8:30. Then lots of catching up and admin before our fab P6/7’s pop in for afterschool yoga at 3:30. Great start to the week 🙏🏻💎🙏🏻