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RT @EastCalderPS: East Calder Primary are delighted with @livingstonwfc 🦁 latest signing! She’s so dedicated and committed to our school, that she’s gone to a club who play in our school colours!! 💛🖤 We are all so proud of Miss Walkingshaw #hero #rolemodel #hecanshecan ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️

RT @MmaMvv: RT @MmaMvv: I found her and followed. She’s a whole mood…

RT @UN: RT @UN: She’s our one and only planet. On #EarthDay and every day, let’s treat her better.

RT @DavidParis: She’s had 20 years of unfettered platforms and millions of dollars worth of free publicity and it’s about time you media monsters gave her a fair go imo…

RT @0rientsupporter: RT @0rientsupporter: @Harry__Harlow @david_newey @EmmaLewellBuck She’s popular locally accepts brexit as does the locals

RT @helenlewis: I would add that she’s now being deluged with abuse for raising this issue - as I was over the weekend for doing the same. We’re doing our jobs, which involve having a thick skin, but this intimidation is putting innumerable other women off participating in the public sphere.

RT @JayDown9: RT @JayDown9: @phil_tri @ThangamMP @UKLabour Yes we will remember she’s a fantastic mp and reward her with another four years!!!

RT @saffaborn: RT @saffaborn: @BBCSport @BBCTwo She’s looking for Caster to blame but can’t find her

RT @andrew_tomayer: Ditto that Steve, she’s got Ottawa South’s support too. We will continue to spread the word for @CanadianGreens. We will run honest and respectful campaigns with truth, facts and sincerity for all Canadians. We will make Canada an amazing leader on the world stage #GoGreen2019…