All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @JosieIsTired: So @ewarren tells us she's the most electable candidate because she can bring people together & create a coalition. Then she refuses a civil gesture from the leader of the progressive movement. If you can't be civil with a movement's leader, you can't build a coalition.

RT @JoyOfTheSNP: Really sad to see @GailRossSNP standing down at the next election. She's been a hardworking and caring elected representative for a long time and isn't afraid to show her human side - just the type of person we need in Parliament. Gail and her big smile will be sorely missed. 💛

RT @Meherr_: Safoora Zargar denied bail again today. She's in Tihar Jail since April 10. Everyone's crying for a pregnant elephant but a pregnant Muslim woman is the least of anyone's concern. #ReleaseSafooraZargar

RT @DavidSedgwick: I'm backing @AngelaRayner for Labour's Deputy Leader because she's a natural organiser who can bring us together and win back power. Labour Councillor? Sign this letter to show your support.…

RT @SteveMc47653763: This is a lone female being told she's on a database as being aggressive by her MP. I expect some answers @NicolaSturgeon Is there a database? Did you authorise it? Who complied it? Who has access to it? And how is it used? You'll know there's laws regarding how GDPR is used.

RT @pmasterton1985: If I had a pound for every time Marr has asked Sturgeon a question about the domestic issues she's actually responsible for as First Minister in his interviews with her I would have... no money.

RT @TheFigen: RT @TheFigen: OMG I can't believe it! She's just a kid! Just a kid! Just a KID!!!

RT @Nadjdaniela: Dehenna Davison is 26 years old, she's the MP for Bishop Auckland. Zero political experience. Links to the far right. Yesterday produced a Tik Tok video of her being bored in her kitchen, while her constituents are losing jobs. Why did she get elected?…

RT @Partisangirl: Abby Martin is Suing Georgia for their unconstitutional anti-BDS laws. She's actually doing what have only contemplated doing. I'm so proud of and Amazed by @AbbyMartin, I hope you will all support her.

RT @MandisaMashego: My friend & confidant is an electrical engineer plus she's Black, female and has loads of experience in the private sector and the state. So I ask her why she did not apply for the Eskom CEO position... She says: I would not last in that job, ngingamushaya ekuseni u Jamnandas😋