All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Doug_Deans: If the BBC could allow it, I’d love to see a one-off special where the rev from Rev, the priest from Fleabag and the vicar from This Country meet up at a retreat and talk god over tea and biscuits.

RT @sophmitchell_: Thanks everyone for sharing! Looks like Renfrewshire Food Train @FoodTrainScot are in need of help and I’d encourage anyone who is young, healthy and able with a bit of spare time to get involved

RT @CEO89oEast: “No one knew I was struggling, not my mates, not my partner. There were times when she was at work and I’d sit on the couch crying. It was weird and it was painful. New Podcast series for @DrinkWiseAus encouraging Australians doing it tough at this time to reach out for help.

RT @BromleyBrexit: Came across these lovely words about you @georgegalloway just thought I’d share because this gentleman hits the nail on the head. #VoteGeorgeGalloway #GG4WBE

RT @BromleyBrexit: Came across this on Facebook and thought I’d share it with you @georgegalloway nothing sums you more perfectly. You are a man in love with humanity not publicity it was a pleasure to speak on your behalf, I look forward to being under your leadership in the @WorkersPartyGB

RT @EamonnFitz: I’d rather she explain why as Campbell Newman’s asst treasurer they spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on these vanity trinkets as they slashed services and sacked 14,000 workers #qldpol…

RT @DrJoFrederick: RT @DrJoFrederick: As a Tory Leaver, I never thought I’d agree with Ian Blackford!

@_Charlottee_99 @theSNP They’ve been talking in the chamber today about the emails they get so I’d say it’s definitely worth making your feelings known!

RT @francesbarber13: I’ve put my money where my mouth is.Never thought I’d see this day . I’ve joined @LibDems . Desperate times call for desperate measures.…