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RT @sahouraxo: The man who is literally starving the people of Iran, Syria and Venezuela with criminal sanctions is lecturing us about defending human rights.

RT @CoolHuh_: RT @CoolHuh_: So John, how's your Venezuela morning going on?

RT @sahouraxo: The US, which has bombed or destabilized Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, Ukraine, Bolivia and many others in the last 19 years alone, says #Iran, which has not attacked another country in over 200 years, must behave normally? Alrighty then.

RT @sahouraxo: Mike Pompeo is a monster. Increasing immoral sanctions against Iran, Venezuela and Syria in the midst of a pandemic; threatening Iraq with all-out war; and bullying nations ravaged by #coronavirus into rejecting help from Cuba’s doctors, is the very antithesis of helping others.

RT @sahouraxo: Wow. Look at these huge protests in #Venezuela against the “brutal dictator” Maduro. Oh no, wait. These Venezuelans are actually marching against Trump’s criminal sanctions, blockade and starvation of their country. Whoopsies! Nothing to see here 🤗

RT @sahouraxo: If these protests were happening in Russia, Venezuela or Iran, rather than #Paris, #France today, they’d be the top story in corporate media worldwide, and front page news in every Western paper. #pompiers #PompiersEnColère #greve28janvier

RT @disruptivesigna: RT @disruptivesigna: End of democracy? Brexit and Venezuela (Sputnik E274) @georgegalloway @GayatriGalloway @RT_sputnik @AhmedKaballo https…

RT @disruptivesigna: RT @disruptivesigna: "United States Unleashes New Harsh Sanctions on Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua"… #india #feedly

RT @sahouraxo: Huge rally by the people of Venezuela against the US coup attempt, sanctions and intervention on the streets of Caracas yesterday. These are the Venezuelans that the corporate media, Marco Rubio, Bolton and Elliott Abrams want to pretend are nonexistent.

RT @mozimurad: RT @mozimurad: @juliewassmer @georgegalloway Probably working on her article "We must attack Venezuela and free its people"