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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @MiriamBrett: The EU deficit requirement is still used to argue that Scotland wouldn’t be allowed in the EU, but a deficit of 3% of GDP or lower is not an official requirement for entry to the EU. New members can negotiate transition periods, without formal timescales.…

RT @GarethBQuinn: RT @GarethBQuinn: #EUelections2019 Ruth Davidson: Vote Tory to send a message to Nicola Sturgeon Scotland:

RT @GarethBQuinn: Jeremy Corbyn spent the last couple of days campaigning in Scotland. Last night, there were 3 local by-elections. The SNP won all 3, but just look at the results for Labour. Ouch. (graphs @BallotBoxScot)

RT @GarethBQuinn: Just watched them Andrew Bowie videos. I see the Tories are annoyed at the SNP Government in Scotland because they... *checks notes*... pay for and deliver big projects that... *checks notes*... benefit people.

RT @GarethBQuinn: LISTEN 🎧 UK Government admit their deal puts businesses in Scotland at a competitive disadvantage. @ThomasCArthur: “Will Northern Irish businesses have easier access to the European single market than businesses in the rest of the UK?” Michael Gove: “Yes”

RT @ashleyannotate: RT @ashleyannotate: The Conservatives are ruining so many lives. Scotland is better out of the UK & in the EU ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽…

RT @MiriamBrett: A week in Scotland talking with officials, ministers, civil society groups and unions about democratic ownership with @DantonsHead for @Cmmonwealth, topped off with a trip to meet folk organising the Ulva buyout and seeing these wee beauties - Thanks to everyone that met with us!

RT @scotyes2indy: #Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @ScotParl #RightsTakeOver - to mark 70 years of the the UN Declaration of #HumanRights >> 🎧……

RT @JamesMelville: Scotland is about to be governed by a new UK Prime Minister, elected by 160,000 Tory members, of which only 9,000 are based in Scotland, from a party that hasn’t won a major election in Scotland in 64 years, to deliver a Brexit that 62% of Scotland’s voters rejected. #Indyref2

RT @KieranReape: PM responds to @IanBlackfordMP with usual “Scotland voted to remain in the UK” line. That line might have worked in 2015 but we are now almost 4 and half years on and everything has changed. This is not the UK Scotland voted to be a part of.