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RT @RealAdamRose: RT @RealAdamRose: if anyone needs me, i’ll be watching this on repeat all day.

RT @Michael_Heaver: RT @Michael_Heaver: I’ll be on @SkyNews at 9:30 setting out why mass migration is a disaster and how Brexit will deliver for British worker…

RT @Michael_Heaver: You live in your fairyland utopia mate, I’ll deal with reality. Look at how many politicians either went to grammar schools or private. Then they argue against the poor getting same opportunity! Some cheek.…

RT @RalfLittle: (4) So I’ll concede that you may not have “KNOWINGLY” lied on #Marr - let’s say you may have just not known that the facts you recited on live television were wrong and misleading. Hey - we all make mistakes.

RT @RalfLittle: (3) Anyway, thanks for agreeing to meet, it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll just remind you of the specifics of my challenge - it was to meet up with… Me, Medical professionals, AND fact checkers… on camera. We’ll sit down and clear up any misunderstandings.

RT @Michael_Heaver: RT @Michael_Heaver: I’ll be on @SkyNews this morning 10:15 & @BBCNews paper review tonight at 22:45. Get involved.

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RT @SadiqKhan: RT @SadiqKhan: Fasting for Ramadan won’t be easy – & it’s coffee I’ll miss the most. My piece in @guardian… https://…

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As long as I remain an MEP I’ll never stop fighting for the interests of working people and #Labour’s values

RT @BrexitInJune: RT @BrexitInJune: Why I’ll be voting to leave the costly, dysfunctional and bureaucratic EU… via @CityAM